‘Hindi ko na kaya’: Sharon Cuneta asks for prayers after a close friend suffered a silent stroke 


After losing two of her loved ones, Sharon Cuneta asks for prayers once again after a close friend of hers suffered a silent stroke.  

The veteran singer-actress opened up on social media that her “faith is wavering” after the number of unfortunate incidents.  

“After Tita Fanny passed away, I was very, very afraid for Cherie and this one other friend who is also sick and who also means the world to me… I just found out that she is in the ICU now because of a silent stroke,” she wrote on a Twitter post.  

She then asked her fans and loved ones to pray for the Lord to give her friend more years of life.  

Sharon said: “Hindi ko na kaya. I am still in pieces over losing Cherie. Hindi ko na kaya. Please pray. My faith is wavering and I don’t want it to be… But this is just too much too soon.” 

It was in early August when the 56-year-old mourned the death of her dear friend Cherie Gil.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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