Sharon Cuneta asks loved ones, fans to donate, support local animal shelter for birthday


For her birthday, the Megastar wishes to celebrate the special occasion by being a compassionate fur mom to animals in need.

On her Instagram account, Sharon shared her birthday wish in an open letter to her family, loved ones, and fans, whom she referred to as Sharonians or Sharmy.

This came days after she shared the sad news that their oldest dog, Bea, passed away.

The veteran actress stressed that she is not expecting to receive any gifts on Christmas and on her birthday on January 6, insisting on not buying her anything.

“Please – DO NOT BUY ME ANYTHING. I have way too much stuff, we are always blessed with so much food from everyone always,” wrote Sharon.

She addressed those who have already bought or still planning to give her presents to instead, direct it to a local animal shelter in support of rescued animals in their care.

“If you insist like I know lots of you will, and you REALLY want to give me something that I will appreciate and truly treasure, please DONATE instead to @pawssionproject,” Sharon said.

“You know how much I LOVE DOGS OF ANY AND ALL BREEDS, and it just would mean the world to me if you could give to @pawssionproject to help us keep our rescued dogs well-fed and healthy,” she added.

For those who will give in-kind donations to the shelter may name it to themselves. Fans also have the option to add “for Sharon” although Cuneta said that it won’t be necessary to mention her name.

“THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR THIS CHRISTMAS AND MY BIRTHDAY THAT WOULD REALLY MAKE ME HAPPIEST. Your undying love and support for me are more than enough,” Sharon aired, noting that she would also appreciate receiving gifts for her dogs.

She continued, “I do not need anything more. I need all the help I can get for the animals I love so much these animals who cannot speak for themselves.”

Sharon also appealed to corporations, organizations, and sponsors she had met in the past to seek their help in supporting the local animal shelter.

She reiterated her special wish at the end of her letter, “Thank you so much! I will not be accepting gifts for myself. Please, give to @pawssionproject instead and I will be forever grateful to you! God bless you all! I love you.”

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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