Sharon Cuneta reserves empty seat for daughter KC Concepcion at Christmas table


Veteran singer-actress Sharon Cuneta has expressed her longing for her daughter KC Concepcion on Christmas Eve by posting a photo of an empty chair.

The Megastar turned emotional in her Instagram post where she shared a picture of an unoccupied seat reserved for her daughter, KC, at the Christmas table.

Sharon expressed how much she misses her daughter, captioning the post with, “One seat empty but place still set. “One seat empty but place still set. I miss you, KC…😢”

Sharon also conveyed a message to her daughter, saying, “Have fun with your Papa. I love you. Merry Christmas baby…🎄❤️🙏🏻”

KC previously shared that she will be spending the holiday for the first time with her dad, Gabby Concepcion.

The actress expressed her excitement to celebrate Christmas with her father in her recent vlog.

“I’m flying to Los Angeles to celebrate with my father’s side of the family- for the very first time in my life!,” KC wrote in her Instagram post.

KC also thanked her mom for encouraging her to experience Christmas with her dad.

“Thank you mama for encouraging me to spend time with popps this Christmas!,” her message read.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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