Maggie Wilson cries foul after house gets ‘illegally’ entered, faces adultery lawsuit from estranged husband


Maggie Wilson took to social media on Friday to express her disdain after claiming that her home was entered illegally by several men from the real estate firm of her estranged husband, Victor Consunji.

In an Instagram post, the former beauty queen turned TV host shared videos of her family’s encounter with some representatives of Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC) and DM Consunji Incorporation (DMCI), who entered her house “illegally with no notice, no warrant, and no proper paperwork.”


As seen in the six-minute video, a certain Bernie Mendoza, who introduced himself as vice president of VCDC, turned up at her Taguig home with several individuals alongside local barangay officials, to “secure” and “padlock” the property, explaining that it was supposedly owned by DMCI. 

“They stated that the property is owned by DMCI despite me explaining on the phone on multiple occasions that there is a contract that exists on the property signed by Bernie Mendoza himself,” Wilson explained. 

“They entered my home and took videos of personal belongings of those of myself and my family illegally,” she continued.

The TV host added that after a copy of the contract has been furnished for the representatives and acknowledged by Mendoza, the men “then laughed very loudly and left the property.”

While she was away on a business trip at the time of the incident, Wilson stated that her sister, five-year-old cousin, and her household staff, who were at home, were “subject to harassment and intimidation.”

“They asked if I was present and then proceeded to enter my house, with the barangay carrying batons. I fear that if I was there, they would’ve used them on me,” she said.

“I’m scared for mine and my family’s life. I urge our government and others to please step in and do something immediately. I plead with you and the online community to help me raise awareness that this kind of human rights harassment happens in the Philippines. Especially to women. Day in and day out,” she added.

After posting the said video, the TV host then shared a series of Instagram stories showing that the electricity at their house had also been cut, although other houses in the area had power.


An audio recording of a call between her sister and a representative from Meralco, which she shared, then revealed that the circuit breaker of their house had been removed at the request of the “owner.”


“When someone tries to back you [into] a corner. I’m not scared to tell all [about] what really happened last summer,” Wilson wrote in one of her other Instagram stories.

“The truth about EVERYTHING will come out soon,” she continued.

A day after on Saturday, July 16, the TV host hinted at taking legal action, sharing on Instagram a statement issued by her lawyers.

The statement contained details about the incident, pointed out that the estranged relationship between her and Consunji, and condemned the issue as a “malevolent act of harassment and persecution,” against Wilson and her family. 

“Whatever personal issues Mr. Consunji has against his spouse is not a license to trample upon her honor and dignity and inflict fear upon her and her family. This blatant display of power and influence deserves the strongest condemnation. No one is above the law,” the statement read.

VCDC and DMCI have yet to comment on the issue, as of writing.

Meanwhile, Consunji, who Wilson has had a controversial separation with, appeared to have filed an adultery lawsuit against the TV host and her business partner, Tim Connor, back in June 30, as seen in a Facebook news update by One PH.

One PH/Facebook

Wilson and Consunji tied the knot back in 2010 and had one son together. After 11 years of marriage, the two officially announced their separation in September last year.