High school barkada pulls off DIY maternity shoot for pregnant friend


This squad went all out after learning that their friend was expecting a baby boy!

From the shoot’s theme, place and outfits, they did not miss the chance to be a stage tito and tita.

Freelance photographer Jack Darryl Caballero did not think twice to arrange a special photoshoot for his pregnant friend, Stephannie Jayne Carta.

“We started to plan her maternity shoot as soon as we learned that she was pregnant. We congratulated her through messenger. A day after, our friend group arranged a place to meet and eat together as we celebrate her pregnancy,” Jack recalled.

“We shared our sentiments about her pregnancy and how some of us still couldn’t believe that we were having a baby in our barkada. We started to plan her maternity shoot there, like the shoot’s theme, place and outfits,” he added.

Jack, together with his friends, conducted the DIY photoshoot at a vacant room in their house in Digos City, Davao del Sur.

They were also the ones who made Stephannie’s hair and make-up as well as the props for the shoot!


“I’d say one of the best and most memorable experiences for our friend group. Pinaghalong excitement at kaba for all of us but mainly excited for the new baby. This was also my first time shooting a maternity photoshoot, so it excited me even more. We designed the setups, made props, did her hair and makeup, and captured and edited the photos. Our friend group does all and it made us thrilled,” he noted.

Stephannie, on the other hand, expressed gratitude to her friends for arranging a maternity photoshoot for her. 

“A big thanks to my friends for always being supportive, not just to me but to each other. I thank them because even if they are already exhausted from lack of sleep on the day of the shoot, as they are also the ones who made the preparations, they still made my maternity shoot possible. Thank you so much to my friends for all of your efforts. I genuinely appreciated it,” she said.

And when Stephannie saw the photos, she couldn’t help but become emotional on the result of her friend’s photoshoot.

“It certainly made me happier about how beautiful the final photos are. I am very thankful to my friends, especially Jack, who captured and edited the images in rush for them to be uploaded as soon as possible. Thank you so much to all my friends, and I love you all,” she said.

Stephannie gave birth to a healthy baby boy on May 11.

Jack said that their group became solid way back in junior high school. They have been friends for seven years now.

Netizens found the barkada’s initiative cute and heartwarming. The uploaded video on social media has already garnered more than 2.1M views, as of writing.

“Steph, we couldn’t be any happier for you. We just know you are going to be a fantastic parent. Being a mother will not always be easy; just know that we are always here for you whenever you need us. You’re an amazing friend, and we’re sure you will also be an amazing mom. We’re also looking forward to doing photoshoots with our soon-to-be godchild! We’re always wishing you and your baby good health and joy. Again, congratulations, good luck, and may God bless you on your new chapter in life. So much love from us, your friends!” Jack said when asked about his message for Stephannie.

Janelle Lorzano
Janelle Lorzano
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