Ogie Alcasid reacts to tweet claiming he was “reduced” to being husband of Regine Velasquez  


Ogie Alcasid stood his ground when he responded to a tweet that claimed he was pitiful because he has been “reduced” to being the husband of Regine Velasquez.  

The veteran singer took to Twitter to disprove the tweet he came across before.  

“I saw a tweet before that na kawawa ako kasi I was reduced to ‘husband of Regine’. Hey my bro, I just want to let you know that I take pride of being [a] husband to the kindest and most loving human one can ever meet. Peace,” he wrote.  

Under the comments section, his wife responded in the sweetest way possible. “I love you morest baba,” Regine said.  

Even vice presidential hopeful Kiko Pangilinan replied to his post with encouraging words for Ogie.  

“When you love your wife with all your heart, comments like that one do not matter at all,” he said.  

Ogie’s other half, Regine made headlines recently after she looked back on how their relationship began. 

“I was part of it. I was the third party and for a time na-forgive na ako ni Michelle, na-forgive na ako ng mga tao, except me,” she said, referring to Ogie’s ex-wife Michelle Van Eimeren.  

She added: “I wasn’t forgiving myself and I’m still working on it.” 

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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