Marjorie Barretto says youngest child Erich’s vaccination is ‘answered prayer’ 


Marjorie Barretto is one happy mom as her nine-year-old daughter, Erich, has finally received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.  

The celebrity mom shared snaps and videos of her brave girl getting her vaccine at a kid-friendly vaccination drive.  

“Another answered prayer for us. Erich was the only one unvaccinated in our home, and each time someone close to us gets covid, we worry sick over her,” she wrote.  

In one of the snaps, Erich smiled with a few lookalikes of Disney characters at the venue.  

“One step towards healing and finally our children can fight covid,” she added.  

It was in January when Marjorie shared her sentiments as a worried mom on the recent COVID-19 surge after the holidays. 

“The kids and I are safe, and I pray so hard it stays this way. We are all vaccinated and had boosters, but I still have a 9 year old that is unvaccinated. I haven’t seen my family since New Years Eve and I miss them so much, haven’t seen Dani, Xavi and Millie too. I keep reminding myself that if I love them that much then I would rather miss them than lose them,” she said.  

The COVID-19 vaccination drive for children aged 5-11 in Metro Manila started on Monday.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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