Marjorie Barretto misses her family amid Omicron surge


Marjorie Barretto took to social media to share comforting words for those who are having a hard time coping with the rise in COVID-19 cases.  

The celebrity mom shared that the last time she has seen her family was during New Year’s Eve. She explained that while they are all vaccinated and have had their boosters, she’s taking the extra safety precautions for her nine-year-old.  

“The kids and I are safe, and I pray so hard it stays this way. We are all vaccinated and had boosters, but I still have a 9 year old that is unvaccinated,” she said.  

On the Instagram post she shared, she featured the view she has in her home and how grateful she is for her garden, especially now that she’s staying indoors.  

She also sent her love for those who are trying to cope during these times.  

“I keep reminding myself that if I love them that much then I would rather miss them than lose them. 

“Sending love to each and everyone having a hard time coping these days. This too shall pass,” she ended.  

Marjorie’s youngest daughter Erin remains unvaccinated as the Department of Health (DOH) eyes to start inoculation for children five to 11 years old in the first week of February.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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