Bea Alonzo reveals battling COVID-19 in January  


Bea Alonzo has finally received her COVID-19 booster shot after her bout with the virus at the start of the year.  

The actress revealed it was a challenging experience for her, noting that she suffered most of the symptoms.  

“The start of the year was challenging. I caught covid early January (just like most people because of the covid surge). And at that time, I was also struggling with the worst muscle spasm, all while getting ready for my dream shoot,” she said.  

She then shared a snap of her receiving her booster shot to encourage her fans to do the same if they have yet to receive their third COVID-19 vaccine.  

“It was a challenging moment, I got most of the symptoms, and I was having a hard time breathing, but I survived! Posting this to encourage you to get the booster if you haven’t already. Let’s help end this pandemic,” she wrote.  

Bea recently worked on her first television commercial with her boyfriend Dominic Roque. On social media, the couple couldn’t help but gush over the opportunity to work together for the first time.  

“I hope this won’t be the last,” she shared.  

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