Did Bea Alonzo remove all traces of Dominic Roque on her Instagram?


It appears that Bea Alonzo has allegedly removed all traces of her ex-fiancé Dominic Roque from her Instagram account.

On Bea’s Instagram, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that all photos of her and Dominic have been removed.

Even their engagement in July 2023 has also been deleted.

Speculations arose from the actress’ social media move that seemed to have put an end to any lingering hopes of reconciliation between the two.

Meanwhile, on Dominic’s Instagram account, photos and videos of him and Bea can still be seen such as those taken last January up until October 2023.

The ex-couple also continues to follow each other on the platform.

This came after social media were buzzed when Dominic was spotted having Bea and her furbaby as his wallpaper on his cellphone, sparking hopes from solid BeaDom fans that the two might have rekindled their romance.

Both Bea and Dominic have yet to issue their reactions or statements on their alleged reconciliation despite various speculations circulating.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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