Regine Velasquez asks fans to help protect her 10-year-old son’s privacy


Regine Velazquez appealed to those who have been using her and husband Ogie Alcasid’s son’s name to create fake social media accounts.  

The veteran singer took to social media to explain that she is not comfortable when netizens make accounts for her son Nate, especially when he is not a celebrity like his parents.  

“Hi guy makikiusap sana ako na kung may makita kayong mga account na pangalan ni Nate please help me report them. Actually marami ng accounts ang ginawa for Nate sa Facebook sa IG na walang pahintulut namin,” she wrote.  

She then apologized to her fans and opened up that she is only protecting her son’s privacy.  

“If you guys noticed I hardly post his pictures na kasi nga binigyan na namin sya ng privacy. Again nakikiusap ako na pag may makita kayong account ni Nate please report and don’t follow na,” she ended.   

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the 51-year-old expressed that she would want her son to be able to use his own name.  

“Why because for the longest time hindi ko (magamit) yung sarili kong pangalan dahil ginamit nyo na. I just don’t want him to experience that. I also don’t want people exploiting MY pix of him,” she wrote in one of the tweets she shared about the matter.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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