Janine Gutierrez thanks family for ‘opening doors’ for her


As the daughter of actors Lotlot de Leon and Ramon Christopher Gutierrez, it’s no doubt why Janine Gutierrez has been dubbed “showbiz royalty”.  

In a special social media post, she expressed her gratitude to her family who has opened doors for her in the showbiz industry. 

“I really never expected to end up in the same industry. I used to resent it ’cause my parents’ schedules were so unpredictable when I was growing up and I was also suuuper shy but here we are,” she wrote in the caption.  

The actress shared that she discovered that her family was “showbiz royalty” when she found her grandmother in her social sciences book and when her high school classmates asked studio photos of Richard Gutierrez. 

On the snaps she posted online, Janine made sure to feature her Princess Diaries-like glow up with before and after photos with her family.  

“Hi fam!! Thank you for the inspiration, hard work and for opening doors for us. So grateful for you,” she ended.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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