Sharon Cuneta says she could live in the US forever


Sharon Cuneta is definitely enjoying her time abroad.  

After getting her COVID-19 vaccine in Los Angeles, California, the Megastar shared how life is completely different abroad.  

On social media, she described her life abroad and how it almost feels like life is normal again.  

“I love being ‘home’ here,” she said.  

The veteran singer-actress shared that since she was young, the “west coast” has always felt like mom to her.  

“I could live here forever. Kiko would NEVER leave the Philippines no matter what though. I could. In a heartbeat! Sorry na lang life is short,” she wrote.  

She shared that while her two daughters Miel and Frankie can follow suit as the latter can continue her studies in New York.  

“Though these two daughters of mine are just as Nationalistic as their father. My Miguel however, wants to live here with me. KC got her green card long before I did. Patay at iba-iba kami! Ngek,” she ended her post.  

It was just last week when Sharon announced that she will be “going home” to California to take a break. 

“I need to breathe, collect myself, gain strength,” she said.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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