Gab Valenciano urges fellow COVID-19 survivors to donate blood plasma


Gab Valenciano has now made his experience with COVID-19 known to the public.  

In a social media post urging his fellow survivors to donate their blood plasma, he revealed that he tested positive for the virus back in November but chose to keep the information among family and friends.  

The singer-dancer explained that his condition was not severe in any way and that he has fully recovered by following all protocols.  

“There is another way we can fight this virus; CONVALESCENT PLASMA DONATION. Plasma isn’t artificially created from a lab or by doctors, it is naturally created by YOU. Plasma is the liquid part of your blood which contains antibodies that keep your body working well and helps fight off deadly diseases,” he wrote in his post.  

He went on to explain that the antibodies of a COVID-19 survivor, when infused into the bloodstream of a patient in critical condition, will help them fight the virus and recover. 

A report said that “convalescent plasma, the fluid in blood teeming with antibodies post-illness, has proven effective in small studies to treat infectious diseases including Ebola and SARS.” 

Gab said, “As a mental health ambassador for Red Cross Youth, I partnered with them to raise awareness about convalescent plasma donation. People need to know about this. We can talk about death and recovery numbers and percentages all we want, but a life is a life. If we can save one, we’ve already won.”

Gab then shared the details on how COVID-19 survivors can donate their plasma to the Philippine Red Cross.  

Early April, Gab’s mother Angeli Pangilinan recovered from COVID-19, two weeks after testing positive.  

Her husband Gary Valenciano made the announcement on social media, thanking those who prayed for his wife’s recovery and him not getting infected by the virus.

“It was a scare because she did have it indeed but my wife Angeli is finally free of Covid19,” he wrote.  


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