‘Sana naman walang sumisingit’: OPM band Orange & Lemons walks out after Francine Diaz allegedly ‘interrupts’ performance


Francine Diaz found herself embroiled in a “heated encounter” with OPM alt-band Orange & Lemons due to an alleged interruption at an event they both attended in Occidental Mindoro.

Both artists were included in the line-up of guest performers at the Governor and Vice Governor’s Night in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, last Tuesday, April 30.

In several videos circulating online, the band could be seen on the stage with their instruments ready, when the emcee suddenly announced Francine’s name.

“Bago tayo maki-jam sa ating banda, may isa munang gustong sumorpresa sa inyong lahat… palakpakan po natin, Ms. Francine Diaz!” the host said.

The singer-actress then proceeded to the stage and greeted the crowd, catching the band off guard.

It could be seen in some videos that the band and some people were in discussion just a few feet away from the actress who was interacting with her fans. 

Francine paused for a while, before looking at her back and asked if they could play her music. At this point, the discussion at the back continued. She then started performing and it can be heard that the band was strumming their guitar. 

At this point, the band started playing the guitar, prompting Francine to turn around. Despite the ongoing guitar sound, Francine continued to sing Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” while urging the audience to join her.

The band eventually walked out of the stage amidst the commotion.

In another video, Orange & Lemons continued their performance after the incident, with lead vocalist Clem Castro issuing an apology.

“Gusto ko lang humingi ng paumanhin,” the vocalist began.

Clem continued, “Kailangan kong sabihin ito para sa mga artist na kasi dapat kanina pa kaming 11 nandito, e, so sana naman walang sumisingit.”

“Yun lang. Respeto lang ba. Gusto ko lang sabihin yon kasi ayoko masira yung pag-e-enjoy natin ngayong gabi,” he added.

Netizens blamed the organizers for failing to organize the lineup and schedule properly, suggesting that the lack of proper coordination led to the chaos witnessed during the event.

Tensions also arose between Francine’s supporters and the band, sparking debates on who should apologize to whom.

Some speculated that Francine, being the more “prominent” figure, might have been prioritized particularly as the event was running late.

Amidst the controversy, Francine took to her Instagram stories, posting a portrait given to her by a fan from the said event.

She expressed regret for not being able to receive all the gifts from her fans after her performance.

Accompanying her post was a message that included the word “respect.”

Francine wrote: “[W]asn’t able to get all the gifts from you guys but thank you so much for spending time with me tonight kahit late na!

“Mad respect for everyone who stayed up late,” she added, before concluding it with, “Respect goes both ways. Good night!!”

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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