Gary Valenciano apologizes to fans after cryptic tweet ‘caused many to panic’  


Gary Valenciano made sure to assure his fans that all is well after one of his recent tweets raised alarm.  

Just this week, the veteran singer-dancer apologized for his tweet where he prayed for God’s “miraculous touch” as he is in the middle of various challenges.  

His post read: “Lord… I’m going to need your miraculous touch to get me through tonight and the next few nights to come. Help me not lose the sense and spirit of Christmas in the middle of all these challenges.  

“Kindly help in keeping me healthy at all times Lord. In Your name Jesus I pray. Amen.” 

The 58-year-old clarified in another tweet that his body is just in need of rest. 

“I’m on my way to getting much better friends. We all hit moments when our bodies just need to rest and I know that’s what I need. I love you all. Thanks again. I’m OK,” he wrote.  

Gary, who’s fondly known as Mr. Pure Energy, has been dealing with Type 1 diabetes or juvenile diabetes, among other conditions. 

Four years ago, he underwent an emergency open heart surgery after he was told by his doctor that the left anterior of his heart was blocked and had thin walls due to his diabetes.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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