Sunshine Cruz slams school-related blind item against daughter Angelina


Sunshine Cruz defended her daughter Angelina after she became the subject of a social media post criticizing an “influencer” for being a supposedly irresponsible student.

The now-circulating blind item shared on the DLSU Freedom Wall Facebook page read: “Ang perfect ng soap commercial niya. Sana sa group works din grabe kami talaga nagbuhat sayo. Uso mag LOA if dehins kaya mag-commit. Influencer please be an influencer talaga ah.”

Angelina, 19, is currently taking up Marketing Management at the De La Salle University in Manila. She recently joined her mom Sunshine in a TV commercial for a beauty soap. 

The budding actress and singer felt the need to address the circulating post after she read several comments “hinting at me”. 

“I might as well address it because it’s so frustrating to see these false accusations continue,” said Angelina in an Instagram story on Friday. 

She went on to stress that she does her part in group activities, saying that her groupmates can attest to it. 

“I KNOW I do my parts, and groupmates of mine, past or present can vouch for me. I really don’t see the point of targeting me just because you’re hidden behind anonymity,” she said. 

“Next time, you’re free to just message me if you think my work was lacking,” she added.

Sunshine, on the other hand, challenged the anonymous person to reveal their identity. 

“If this is indeed true, reveal yourself. I know how hardworking my daughter is when it comes to school. She won’t be a dean’s lister for nothing. Be proud of other people’s achievements and stop bringing them down.”

The mom of three earlier took pride in her eldest child being on the Dean’s list. 

“May nag-comment nito sa thread ng DLSU FREEDOM WALL sa Facebook and gagamitin ko ngayon… ‘Kapag inggit, pikit!’” added Sunshine. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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