Vin Abrenica reacts to comments about Sophie Albert’s hand in viral engagement photo


Vin Abrenica has a funny reaction to comments about about his fiancée Sophie Albert’s hand in their engagement ring photo.

Last February 13, the couple announced that they’ve been engaged since December, sharing some of their photos together on Instagram. 

But it was a close-up shot of Vin holding Sophie’s hand with the engagement ring that made the rounds online.

While netizens showered the couple with congratulations, others made remarks about how “pale” Sophie’s hand looked in the photo. 

Vin couldn’t help but read the comments and simply laughed them off in an Instagram photo of him and Sophie that showed their “visibly” contrasting complexions.

“What’s the commotion all about? We love and appreciate all your warm and sweet greetings!” wrote Vin in the caption while proceeding to enumerate some of the comments he had seen.

“Di ko maiwasang makita yung reactions and comments sa kamay ni @itssophiealbert kesyo sinasabi na, ‘Sobra sa gluta,’ ‘Anong brand ng sabon/lotion niya,’ ‘Anemic,’ ‘Kamay ng Vampire,’ ‘Kasama sa Adam’s Family’ at iba pa,” he said.

“San ba banda dito ang Maputi? Hindi naman halata ??? #NoFilter,” he jokingly added. 

Following their engagement news, Vin and Sophie revealed that they are also expecting their first child together.

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Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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