Kris Aquino joins meme trend ‘Because?’


Kris Aquino joined in on the fun and used the latest meme trend she herself inspired because why not?

After her “Because?” reaction from an old TV interview turned into a viral meme, Kris gamely asked her followers to throw her the “cutest” questions that she could answer with “because” on Instagram.

“Because alangan kayo lang ang nag-enjoy?” the veteran TV host and actress quipped in an Instagram post on Sunday, February 7.

A follower then jokingly asked, “You want us to ask you a question because?”

“Because bawal akong makipag FACETIME, bawal din ko akong makipagkwentuhan. Boses ko, puhunan namin,” Kris answered.

Quite a number of netizens also asked about the state of her love life.

“You chose to be single because?” one asked.

“Because parating pa lang sya — kaya lang nagka travel ban. ❤️,” the 49-year-old replied.

“You had loved Bistek because ??,” another netizen asked, referring to her ex, former Quezon City mayor Herbert Bautista.

“Still love him, nagbago lang — hindi na romantic na love… because ang asawa pwedeng ma annul, ang boyfriend pwede kayong mag break… pero ang totoong kaibigan — for the rest of your life na,” Kris replied.

“Ayaw mo na mag-asawa because?” read one question.

Said Kris, “Gusto ko pa rin because I still believe in love… pero tanggap ko no man wants to be Mr. Kris Aquino.”

“Hindi kayo swerte sa pag-ibig because?” another asked.

“I disagree because naka-jackpot ako, may Kuya Josh and may Bimb. Sila ang minalas kasi hindi sila naging part ng pagpapalaki nung dalawang lovable na higante ko,” she mentioned her sons with her former partners.

Others, meanwhile, delved into political questions.

“You will not join politics because?”

“Because hindi yan ina-announce, GULATAN dapat,” the former presidential daughter and sister said.

“We should be thankful regardless of what’s happening in our country because?” another one asked.

“Because hindi tayo pinutulan ng internet like Myanmar. Hindi tayo under military rule. Hindi tayo nagkarun ng insurrection kagaya ng nangyari sa ??. And mahal tayo ng Diyos,” Kris explained.

Another follower got curious why she’s meme-worthy: “Your memes are immortalizing you because?”

“Because bored kayo dahil pa 1 year na ang pandemic.”

There were also questions that Kris refused to answer because “hindi answerable ng because.”

The “Because?” meme, which has been trending this past week, originated from a 2014 Kris TV interview with Kim Chiu. The actress was then promoting Bride For Rent, her rom-com film with on and off-screen love interest Xian Lim.

Kim became emotional at one point and Kris would ask “Because?” in an attempt to extract clearer answers from her. A video clip of the interview went viral in 2020.

“Because?” would become a meme template that recently took over social media. It’s been heavily used by netizens in reaction to news items, including Kris’ recent revelation that she will temporarily relocate to the province, particularly in a beachfront property, for health reasons.

As expected, Kris got questions such as “you’re moving to the province because?” on her IG exchange with followers.

“Because I need to heal — physically, spiritually and emotionally,” she told a netizen.

“Because Bimb is the size of an adult but underage for the vaccine. Because he can continue 8th grade via online studies. Because I won’t get my fit to work clearance unless my blood test results show an improvement,” was her reply to a similar question.

Other netizens, meanwhile, praised Kris for being game and not offended with the memes about her.

krisaquinoVerified@jairusxavier because bored kayo dahil pa 1 year na ang pandemic.

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