Gary Valenciano pens heartfelt birthday message for wife Angeli

“She is one of the major reasons why I literally am still alive today.” 

Gary Valenciano thanked his wife Angeli Pangilinan for standing by him in their 36 year-long marriage. 

“Through the very best and the very worst of time, this woman has stood by me and for me. So often she’s been misunderstood and judged for her uncompromising efforts in doing and sticking to what is right,” he said in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

The veteran singer-songwriter said that despite the demands of his profession and health conditions, Angeli still loves him like how a wife should. 

Gary is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and had already undergone a surgery to remove cancer from his kidney back in 2018.

“There may be things in me that still need fixing up but I know that with every step I take she’ll be there praying for me as she always has. And in the end… when our finish lines are in sight… she will still be there with me,” he said.

“I love you Angeli. Thank you for all that you are hon. Have a happy and richly blessed birthday,” Gary ended. 

The happy couple celebrated their 36th anniversary last August 6, which is also Gary’s birthday. They have three children — Paolo, Gab and Kiana. 

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Happy Father’s Day to my dearest husband Gary. So many photos to choose from so I chose random shots that I know you would love and that some of your fans will enjoy as well. 36 years is a long time! Over 13,000 days. We’ve lived a life full of drama… near death situations, birthdays, graduations, lots of laughter and fights too, many celebrations and triumphs but seasoned with some sad times too. Thank you for always trying to be the best Papa ever to our three artistic and loving children. Thank you for always listening to my prompts when one of them needs you. Mama is the disciplinarian and the practical one, while Papa always lifts up, encourages & inspires. I recall Kiana saying when you want to solve a problem run to Mama but when you want to be inspired run to Papa. That made me think. You do touch millions apart from inspiring your three children. Despite daily insulin for 41 years, you live to inspire. You push them to be the best they can be despite the hurdles & trials that they have faced in their lives. You had a tough teenage life & so did they – not easy filling in the shoes of their father. But you made sure you were there to cover their programmes, or attend graduations & special occasions. You helped them cope with bullying from classmates, teachers & eventually, online trolls. As a provider you have been faithful & unconditional. They have excelled in their fields because of your patient mentoring & training. And as a father, you have proven that you will always make time when they need you. Thank you because you teach me to be a better parent all the time. You taught me to talk less & listen more. To time my correction & find out first the details of what happened before I make my conclusions & judgements. You taught me to love our children selflessly. And you taught me the meaning of excellence which you passed on to them. I am so proud of you Papa Gary. I love you & thank you for being responsible for our three wonderful children Paolo, Gab & Kiana. I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for His Word that we planted in their lives which I know were seeds that would bear fruit again & again. I ❤️ you. The best is yet to come. (next : Sam & Leia)

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