Angeli Valenciano introduces daughter Kianna V’s fiancé 


Gary Valenciano and his wife Angeli Valenciano expressed joy over the engagement of their unica hija, Kianna V, to her special someone. 

Taking to Instagram to share the happy news, Angeli introduced US-based Sandro, the man who asked for their daughter’s hand in marriage. 

“And she said YES! My heart is full. The Lord be praised as our baby girl is getting married! Introducing US-based Lisandro Zaragoza Tolentino aka Sandro,” Kianna’s mom wrote. 

“Our family is so happy to have Kiana’s plus one added to our growing family,” the matriarch added, addressing Sandro as their “son”. 

“We love you son. Thank you for making her happy. Praying for this new season in your lives that now will become ‘your life together’. 

“The Lord bless you and keep you safe and protected all the days of your life! We love you both so much,” she added. 

It was Gary who broke the news of her “forever princess”’ engagement in an Instagram post on Tuesday. 

The celebrity dad said he is saving the words he wants to tell his only daughter ”for a day when you and I can just sit and talk”. 

“Just you and I before the big day arrives and the wedding bells toll. My heart tugs but not with sadness my dearest princess…but with the joy of the Lord for how He has orchestrated your life…and how He will continue to do so,” said Gary. 

“I’m thankful for the young man the Lord allowed to find you. Love you too @senditdro … what a joy it is to have you in the V family,” he added as caption in the photo of him with Kianna wearing her engagement ring.

Kianna, meanwhile, posted a blurry kissing photo of him and Sandro on Instagram, writing as the caption, “Only you”. 

The 30-year-old R&B singer is Gary and Angeli’s third child after Gab and Paolo Valenciano.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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