Spotify to restore removed K-pop music


K-pop songs pulled off Spotify earlier this month are finally returning to the music streaming platform.

As reported by South Korean pop culture website,, Spotify and South Korean music distributor Kakao M have renewed their licensing agreement, making the latter’s catalogue available once again on Spotify platforms around the world.  

“Both companies have completed discussions about the renewal of their global licensing contract. As a result Kakao Entertainment’s content will be available on Spotify platforms around the world, including in South Korea,” they wrote. quoted a Spotify source as saying that they remain committed to “working toward negotiations with artists, labels, and rights holders in order to have a positive impact on the Korean streaming system.” 

On March 1, international K-pop fans were shocked to discover that their idols’ songs were removed from the music streaming platform.  

Spotify told NME Magazine that their license with Kakao M’s catalogue had already expired and they have not yet reached an agreement on a new global deal. 

On Twitter, K-pop fans teamed up to create a consolidated list of their idols whose content were deleted from Spotify.  

Big names in the K-pop industry such as IU, Loona, Seventeen, Hwasa and many more were included in the long list. 

Big management companies — JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment and BigHit Entertainment — and their artists’ content were retained.   

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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