LOOK: Nikki Valdez does her own makeup after suffering a wrist injury


Nikki Valdez has taught herself how to do her own makeup with just one hand after she suffered a fractured wrist from an accident at home.  

Early December, the actress took to social media to update her friends and followers that she is “alive and in one piece” after the accident.

Nikki did not mention what exactly happened to her but she promised to be diligent in doing everything to feel better.  

“I am alive and in one piece (may kamay na bakal lang nga but all good). It may take time for a full recovery but I will be diligent in doing everything to feel better,” she wrote.  

She then thanked those who reached out to her for well wishes and her neighbors for administering first aid when the accident happened.  

In another post she addressed to her daughter, Nikki promised that she will now be more careful.  

On the third day after her wrist surgery, the actress is taking baby steps towards recovery and has even done her own makeup with just one hand. 

She celebrated her “baby victory” with an Instagram photo to feature her masterpiece. 

“Today, I felt great!!! So far from how I felt last week and the past days. DId my own make up with one hand al for 3 video shoots and a photoshoot!!! Akalain mo yun??! Never thought I could do it but so happy I was able to,” she wrote.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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