‘Never felt so alive’: Carlos Agassi suffers injury after home gym accident


Hunk actor Carlos Agassi needed 10 stitches after getting into an accident at his home gym. 

“Every week before my birthday, I always get into an accident. I can’t explain if it’s coincidence, bad luck or good luck, a sign or an omen,” wrote Carlo in a recent Instagram post sharing clips of him getting treatment at the emergency room.

Carlo said that had to drive and rush himself to the hospital after he “slipped cause my rubber shoes broke and I face planted.”

Fortunately, he was still conscious during that time, and thanked his non-showbiz girlfriend Sarina Yamamoto for “being an angel and coming with me to the emergency room and not showing me that you were crying.”

“What a learning traumatic experience, I was just walking and smiling in our house gym and next thing I know is that I’m lying on the floor. When I looked at the mirror I couldn’t see my face but felt and tasted blood,” related Carlo. 

Carlo, who is turning 41 on December 12, will return to the hospital to have the six stitches on his eyebrows and four stitches on his gums removed. 

“Thanks to the emergency room doctors and nurses for taking good care of me. Stay safe, healthy, and happy. Never take the simple things in life for granted. Never felt so alive,” ended Carlo. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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