Will Matteo Guidicelli’s alleged incident with bodyguard of wife Sarah affect status in Phl army?


The hush-hush civil wedding of Sarah Geronimo, 31 and Matteo Guidicelli, 29 was marred with reports that the latter reportedly punched the bodyguard of his wife.  

Jerry Tamara, the singer’s security aide, claimed that he was assaulted by Matteo after he was instructed by Sarah’s mother Divine to follow and never leave her daughter’s side. (READ: From shouting match to crying bride: Bodyguard bares details of commotion at Sarah-Matteo wedding)

The close-in security detail gave his side of the story on News 5’s Aksyon sa Tanghali in an interview with news anchor Raffy Tulfo.

Jerry claimed that during the commotion, Matteo had men from the Philippine Army as his bodyguards. To clarify his claims, the news anchor contacted the Philippine Army’s Chief of Public Affairs Lieutenant Colonel Ramon Zagala. 

It turned out that none of the actor-athlete’s bodyguards were listed in the army. 

Matteo joined the army in 2019 as a reservist. He officially became a second lieutenant back in August. 

When Zagala was asked if Jerry’s move to file a criminal case against Matteo will affect the latter’s position in the army, he said the incident does not involve the army. 

“It’s not a perfect world. Mayroon talagang mangayayaring mga incident involving our active personnel and our reservist kasi nangyayari talaga yan and normally, we have due process. Itong nangyayari sa kanila it is outside the Philippine Army. I believe it is a private event,” he said. 

He added that if Matteo was wearing his uniform or used his rank as leverage in the altercation then it might have affected his role in the army. 

“It is a family matter and it did not involve the Philippine Army as an organization kung naka uniform siya sana or he used his rank then pwede pa po. To resolve this problem, it is beyond the Philippine Army baka sa korte or pertinent authority, not the Philippine Army,” Lt. Col. Zagala said.

As of writing, Matteo has yet to respond to Jerry’s threat of filing a criminal case. 

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