Matteo Guidicelli joins wife Sarah Geronimo’s Dati-Dati dance challenge  


Matteo Guidicelli earned major hubby points as he took on his wife Sarah Geronimo’s Dati-Dati dance challenge.  

The actor took to social media to share his own dance cover of his wife’s latest hit song.  

“DATI DATI dance challenge accepted! I think I did good. Sarah’s happy – HASHTAG #killedit,” he wrote in the caption.  

In the background, the happy singer was giggling and singing along as her husband danced.  

Under his post, friends and fans couldn’t help but gush over Matteo’s funny yet sweet gesture for Sarah. One Instagram user wrote, “Matteo’s happiness is Sarah’s happiness! She’s always his top priority.” 

It was just in October of last year when Sarah released her song Dati-Dati, marking her music comeback. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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