‘We don’t really have the support of the government’: Cary Santiago on creating Gazini Ganados’ Miss U gowns


Cary Santiago, the designer of Gazini Ganados’ evening gowns for the Miss Universe pageant, spoke up on the government’s lack of support in funding “masterpieces” for pageant representatives. 

He gave pageant fans a sneak peek of the national costume that the country’s Miss Universe 2019 bet Gazini Ganados will showcase on December 8, 2019.

“I created a national costume that is somehow worthy for an international event. I took my inspiration from our national bird. The design is not as flamboyant but the details are very intricate. It’s hand-stitched, all coming from the same fabric with my signature laser cut patterns,” he posted on his Facebook page on Friday. 

Cary expressed his disappointment over the government’s lack of support for pageant representatives, emphasizing that his works for Gazini are a “labor of love.”

“All these are labor of love. It’s sad to note that in our country, we don’t really have the support of the government or any agency that will help us fund and produce beautiful pieces for our Philippine representative/s,” he said. 

Despite this, he assured that he “tried his best” designing and creating masterpieces for Gazini. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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