Neri Naig reveals her 6-year-old son has own business 


Neri Naig is definitely one step ahead when it comes to her children’s future. The celebrity mom revealed on social media that her son Miggy has his own business at just 6 years old.  

On her Instagram post, she share a snap of her son’s transient unit in Baguio City.  

“Negosyo ni Miggy! Suportahan natin ang kanyan negosyo po. 

“Since may konting naipon si Miggy, minabuti ko nang ipasok sa negasyo. Kaya etooo na! Super simple lang na pang transient na mura lang,” she wrote.  

Under the post, fans of the actress couldn’t help but praise her smart moves for her and her husband Chito Miranda’s son.  

“Ibang klase ka talaga Ma’am Neri bilib ako sayo. [Napaka] entrepreneur mo po,” a fan responded.  

Another wrote: “Napaka wais mo talaga Mamshie! Ang blessed ng kids mo now pa lang.” 

Back in December, Neri revealed she has started her own talent management agency, Wais Communications to manage her family’s endorsement deals and other influencers.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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