‘What you’re feeling right now is very valid’: Judy Ann Santos shares how she explained COVID-19 pandemic to her kids


Mommy of three Judy Ann Santos did not have a hard time explaining the coronavirus pandemic and why they were not allowed to go out to her kids with husband Ryan Agoncillo — Yohan, Lucho and Luna. 

The veteran actress said she told her kids the “real score” on the coronavirus disease and its repercussions. She said she stressed that they should be thankful that they are safe under one roof. 

“It was basically more of telling them that instead of being frustrated with what’s really happening, we have to be grateful because we have a home, we have a family. We could actually help people to surpass kahit ilang araw ng challenges sa buhay nila,” she said in an interview with Tim Yap. 

According to Santos, their talk was nothing but positive. She also reminded her kids that whatever they are feeling right now is valid given these hard times. 

“You know what, what you’re feeling right now is very valid. You’re allowed to cry, at least you’re able to release that pain or anxiety that you’re feeling in your heart and it’s totally fine. Walang masama diyan,” is what she told them. 

The 42-year-old also reminded her kids that being hygienic is the main lesson during this trying time. 

“Getting sick is inevitable but, you know, being clean and being positive — it’s your choice,” she said. 

During the pandemic, Santos did not only spend time with her family, she also made face masks and cooked meals for COVID-19 frontliners. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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