‘Ginoo ko’: Ellen Adarna shocked to hear son say papa’s name is Piolo


Ellen Adarna expressed her shock and amusement when she heard the answer of her son with John Lloyd Cruz to the question, “What’s your papa’s name?”

In an Instagram story on Monday, Ellen asked her toddler Elias Modesto: “What’s your papa’s name?”

“Piolo,” the two-year-old quickly replied.

“Your papa’s name is not Piolo uy. Your papa is not Piolo,” Ellen repeatedly tried to correct her son, before asking again, “What’s your papa’s name?”

Credit: Maria Elena Adarna Instagram

“Piolo,” Elias responded again much to the laughter of Ellen.

The Cebuana actress then tagged in her post actor Piolo Pascual — who is fondly called in showbiz as Papa P — and jokingly told him, “Ginoo ko! Lol! Hala Papa P!!! Ikaw daw ang ama! @piolo_pascual,” complete with laughing emojis.

In a separate Instagram story, she asked Elias again, “Who’s your papa?”

“Papa P,” came the consistent reply.

But when Ellen jokingly reacted, “Hala! John Lloyd left the group chat,” Elias was quick to protest, “No, Mama, no!”

Credit: Maria Elena Adarna Instagram

Later on, Ellen shared a video of Elias running after the family dog, which she said is named “Papa P.”

“This is Papa P guys. Mao daw ni iyang papa, Piolo gyud ang pangan ani niya. (Ito daw yung tatay niya, Piolo talaga pangalan nito),” she introduced the dog to her followers.

Credit: Maria Elena Adarna Instagram

John Lloyd and Ellen are no longer together but are known to be co-parenting their son.

“Wala na yatang mas liligaya pa pagka mayroon kang maliit na anak. Two years old na, ang kulit. Wala nang kasing saya. Parang ang lupit. My little savior,” the actor said of fatherhood in a recent interview.

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Meanwhile, Ellen, who has been on-leave from showbiz since giving birth, has been sharing cute and funny antics of her baby boy on Instagram.

In one of her more recent Instagram stories, Elias disrupted Ellen’s attempts to take pictures of herself.

“I just want to pose, not push,” she captioned her post.

Credit: Maria Elena Adarna Instagram

Another showed Baby Elias hilariously sitting on his mommy’s face.

“Love, my face is not a chair,” Ellen joked.

Credit: Maria Elena Adarna Instagram

Netizens, nevertheless, commented how the video was relatable in so many levels.

“Motherhood in a nutshell,” one wrote.

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