Ellen Adarna, Derek Ramsay hit back at  bashers over stretching exercise video 


Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay have responded to comments criticizing their stretching exercise video. 

Derek recently shared a video of him and Ellen being goofy as his wife sat on his stomach while his legs were up against the wall. 

“Just another day in Casa de Ramsay!,” the hunk actor captioned the video. 

While Derek and Ellen are known for being carefree and fitness enthusiasts, the video still received castigation from social media users, with others believing that the video is inappropriate to be made public. 

“I really love [Ellen] as far na I am very proud to say she was my fav…Kasi prangka gwapa pa ..[This] one I don’t like it kasi I know naman wild sila pero dapat i-lugar din naman ganito between husband and wife…I still love you Ellen…hinay hinay lang dhay oy,” wrote a netizen.

Ellen responded saying: “u my mom? U feeding me and my husband? My mother loves me too but she aint complainin ? oh here ha – answering u in prangka way coz sabi mo u love my pag ka pranka.

Others claimed that the video the couple posted is “sexually suggestive”. 

“Parang hindi kayo seryoso sa buhay niyo.. [Di] na maganda at ang sagwa,” commented an Instagram user. 

Derek simply replied back: “Salamat pero masaya buhay”. 

Another said, “YAKS!!! Dapat may mga limits din ang post between ADULT PARTNER..Dahil may mga bata na sa action ninyo..SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE MASYADO. KNOW BETTER THAN DOING SUCH ACTIONS.”

In subsequent replies, Ellen and Derek explained that they were merely doing an exercise to stretch the actor’s back which they usually do with the actress’ son Elias. 

“My wife is stretching my lower back. Usually my son will be the one to sit on my stomach. They take turns,” said Derek.

One netizen also commented, “I just hope Elias doesn’t watch this”. 

Two which Ellen replied: “Elias does this to him also to loosen his hips and lower back problems. It’s either I do it or Elias. We take turns.”

Meanwhile, some netizens came to the defense of the couple over the unfavorable comments. 

“Looks like stretching. If you’re a true fan of Derek, you know he does a lot of stretching and exercises and hip flexibility exercises etc. It’s only your mind that’s not thinking well.”

“Pumunta ako sa comment section para malaman kung ano ang mabibuild sa ganong exercise, tapos ganito mga mababasa ko? Hahahaha exercise lang talaga nasa isip ko, since mag-asawa naman sila kaya hindi ko naisip na malaswa.”

“Ako na akala nag eexercise lang tas ibang comments iba na pala kakalokaaa hahaha”.

Susme bat naman nila ippost if malaswa dba? Mind your own business people.”

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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