WATCH: Baby Thylane is a certified pasta lover


It looks like Baby Thylane is a pasta lover more than what her parents thought she was.

Nico Bolzico on Sunday shared an adorable clip of Baby Thylane feeding herself with pasta and making a cute mess with the sauce spread all over her face.

“In my opinion #TiliBolz likes pasta, but I am not a nutritionist so I am not sure,” wrote Nico as caption. 

In the video, his wife Solenn can also be heard talking to their 11-month-old daughter whom they fondly call Tili. 

“Tili…Um I take it you loved it. Would that be a mistake?” mused Solenn. 

“You loved it? Oh… what are you doing?” Solenn asked after Baby Thylane tried to finish off the remaining pasta sauce from the bowl. 

“Ah you want more?” Solenn assumed. 

She then told Baby Thylane that they needed to shower again “for the third time today”.

Netizens in the comments section laughed and gushed over Baby Thylane’s cuteness. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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