WATCH: Julia Barretto shuts down love life question in ‘Q&A fail’


Actress Julia Barretto uploaded on Wednesday her “shortest and most random” vlog to her YouTube channel. 

Lasting for about four minutes only, the vlog titled “Mukbang+Q&A fail” started with the Kapamilya star eating some takeout Chinese food while randomly answering questions from followers on Instagram. 

What is your favorite clothing, one fan asked. “I mean, I have a lot, but you will always catch me in jeans and denim. So, I’ll probably say jeans,” Julia said.

Next question was her favorite city, and she readily identified Los Angeles but didn’t explain why. 

When Julia was asked how she spends her time during day-offs, the actress who’s been living solo indicated that she’s a certified homebody. “When I’m not working, you will really just catch me at home, just lounging, just eating, what I’m doing exactly right now.”

“What is it that you like living by yourself? I mean everything! I love the peace. I love the quiet. I love the freedom,” she continued.

Then the question about her love life, which she immediately shut down. 

Julia said, “Why is everyone asking about my love life? I’m not gonna answer that question ever again.”

Julia didn’t appear annoyed by the persistent question, however, her vlog abruptly ended on that note. And just as Julia captioned, it’s her shortest vlog ever compared to her previous ones that are not shorter than 10 minutes.

The last time the young actress hinted at a new romance in her life was when she mentioned about celebrating her 23rd birthday with her family and “loved one” in March.

Her last known boyfriend was former love team partner Joshua Garcia.


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