Kathryn Bernardo goes on unfollowing spree: Daniel Padilla, Gillan Vicencio, more


Almost two months after their much-talked-about breakup, Kathryn Bernardo decided to finally remove Daniel Padilla from her following list on Instagram.

Fans were sent abuzz on Thursday after noticing that the actress seemed to have cut ties with her ex-beau on social media even after being spotted seemingly getting along in recent public events together. 

Daniel, who had been hounded by cheating allegations, meanwhile still keeps Kathryn on his following list.

The two’s most recent sighting was at Robi Domingo’s wedding with longtime partner Maiqui Pineda.

Apart from Daniel, eagle-eyed netizens were also shocked to notice that Kathryn also unfollowed former 2 Good 2 Be True co-star Gillian Vicencio who had previously denied romantic links with the actor. 

Kathryn unfollowing Julia Baretto and Liza Soberano also puzzled the netizens. 

It was last November when Kathryn and Daniel confirmed ending their 11-year relationship. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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