Francis M’s concert producer on late rapper’s ‘love child’: ‘Francis wants the world to know about her’


Former showbiz personality and Robby Tarroza took to social media to make shocking claims about the late Master Rapper Francis Magalona’s personal life.

Tarroza’s latest Facebook post became a hot topic online as it addressed the controversial revelation made by Francis M.’s alleged past lover, Abegail Rait, regarding their relationship, which led to the birth of their daughter, Gaile Francesca, who is currently 15 years old.

Following the revelation made in a vlog by Pinoy Pawnstars, netizens expressed their mixed reactions online with some calling Rait a “homewrecker” and a “mistress”. One of Francis M’s children, Frank Magalona, made headlines after he was seen liking one of the said posts.

Francis M’s son Frank Magalona likes netizen’s ‘homewrecker’ social media post 

To this, Tarroza aired his take on the issue, presenting his own account of his last interactions with the late rap icon.

“Ang tanong, WAS KIKO MARRIED TO PIA???,” he began his lengthy post questioning Francis M’s relationship with his wife, who he claimed was still married to another man whom she also shares children with.

He then called out Pia, saying, “Pia huwag ka magpabiktima! [G]rabe ka! No one broke up your marriage dear! You were never married in the Philippines!”

“Francis then told me he was done with Pia and left her. He told me he couldn’t take it anymore[,] all the fights and bugbugan nila. ‘Yung ugali daw ni [P]ia nakakasira ng utak. He said he now has peace,” Tarroza claimed.

After a few months, Robby said that he met with Francis who then revealed to him that he had met another woman who was the “total opposite of Pia”.

“He (Francis M.) stressed, “ang sarap pala ng ganitong ‘real love’,” Tarroza shared the rapper’s sentiments about finding his new love.

He continued, “I never had the chance to meet this girl he loved so much. Maybe one day I will, both her and Francis’s love child. Yes, love child because she was conceived by real love. Francis wants the world to know about her. I’m sure he does.”

Tarroza addressed “judgemental” people who have been making negative comments about Francis M’s alleged lover, reiterating that the rapper had already ended his relationship with his wife before he met her.

“So for all you judgemental people that did not know the real story, Francis and Pia were already separated before he got into this amazing relationship. He deserved to experience real love at least once in his lifetime,” he wrote.

Tarroza asserted that he knew both Francis and Pia and allegedly witnessed their “bloody fights”.

“Very destructive and dysfunctional,” he described their relationship, “He told me he only stayed for the kids and wished he was free from “that fckn btch”, those were his words.”

“I know Kiko is watching all this and he knows what he wants for his children, all his children,” Robby said.

As of writing, Pia and her children have yet to address the issue.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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