‘What we had is real’: Abegail Rait says daughter’s father is Francis M


Abegail Rait, who claimed she had a relationship with late rapper icon Francis Magalona or Francis M, came out in public to reveal their love child. 

Abegail appeared in an episode of Pinoy Pawnstars uploaded on Tuesday, where she bared the “untold story” she said she kept for 15 years. 

Together with her daughter Gaile Francesca, Abegail presented a blue jersey and a note she received from Francis M.

The note from Francis read: “Abegail Hon, I love you so much,” along with the rapper’s signature. 

When asked by businessman and rap artist Boss Toyo the reason behind the letter, Abegail then revealed her and Francis M’s previous romance. 

“There’s a story behind this jersey kasi, actually untold story. Nakita niyo naman sa letter na ‘I love you so much,’ meaning to say, may relationship,” said Abegail. 

“Ngayon nung nagkaanak kami, buntis ako nun. Nagkaanak and that’s her, Abegail proceeded, sharing that it was Francis who named their daughter. 

Their daughter’s name was a play on each of their names —Gaile Francesca. 

According to Abegail, Francis gave her the jersey when she was bearing their child so she could think of her whenever she misses him. 

Abegail them started getting emotional as she shared why she kept their child for the past years. 

“For 15 years nanahimik ako, I didn’t say anything about me and my daughter. Siguro naman ito na lang ’yung karapatan na pwede kong magawa para sa kanya. 

“Kasi hindi naman ako nagsalita. I know people will judge me but we exist, what we had is real. Me and my daughter exist. Mahal niya kami, and that’s a fact,” Abegail went on to reveal in Pinoy Pawnstars.

Abegail and Francis M first met on the noontime show Eat Bulaga where she said the rapper found ways to get her number.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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