Abegail Rait reveals ‘real’ reason for selling late Francis Magalona’s jersey


Abegail Rait explained the reason for their decision to sell Francis Magalona’s jersey was to support their child, Gail Francesca’s entry to showbiz.

In a personal vlog uploaded on YouTube, Rait spoke up about her past relationship with the Master Rapper amidst the criticisms they received after coming out as his “secret family” through a vlog where they sold a piece of the late rapper’s clothing.

According to Abegail, selling the late rapper’s jersey was both her and Francesca’s decision, noting that she had first asked their daughter’s permission so it could help her fund her dreams to enter showbiz.

The single mother shared that her daughter’s dream had always been to become an artist, “regardless of who her father was”.

“When she reached 14, she was firm with her decision to enter showbiz,” said Rait.

Abegail also revealed that she had already signed Francesca under the talent agency of Direk Mon Roco where she went through voice lessons and acting workshops, which needed to be funded so her daughter could continue.

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She added that they didn’t even have funds for their means of transportation and had to borrow from other people.

Their struggles led her to the idea to trade Francis M’s jersey in the vlog, Pinoy Pawnstars, hosted by Boss Toyo, who initially briefed her that they would document everything upon their appearance on the show.

“That’s when I talked to Chesca if she will allow to convert funds and put the jersey to a museum to preserve para na rin to pursue career and save some as the only amount she gained from her father. And I know he would do the same to support,” Abegail said.

“The video was unscripted and what was asked was answered. No remorse, and what should I be ashamed of? What I said there is the story behind the jersey and those are facts,” she stressed. 

Rait mentioned that even Boss Toyo was surprised about her revelation. 

“I felt Kiko led me to do that,” she expressed about her decision to appear on the show.

When the video was finally out in public, she realized the waves her revelation made.

“Kita ko sa phone ko, naging national issue na po ako ng buong Pilipinas… Na tag ako proud kabit, illegitimate child. Patahimikin ko na kaluluwa ni Kiko. Kapal ng mukha ko. Masyadong maingay. Insensitive para sa pamilya,” Abegail lamented about the public’s negative reactions to their admission.

She clarified, “Para sa kalinawan po ng lahat, wala po akong pinaglalaban. Nagkataon lang na nagbenta ako ng jersey ni Kiko para suportahan ang karerang tinatahak ng anak niya.”

“Ordinaryong bata lang po si Chesca na napakadaming pangarap. Mag-isa lang po akong sumusuporta sa kaniya with my mom at walang magulang ang hindi kayang gawin ang lahat para sa anak niya,” she stressed.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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