Francis M’s son Frank Magalona likes netizen’s ‘homewrecker’ social media post 


Frank Magalona, Pia and Francis Magalona’s eldest son, made a buzz online after liking a netizen’s post relating to the latest episode of Pinoy Pawnstars. 

The episode in question featured Francis M’s alleged ex-lover, Abegail Rait, who claimed she was in a relationship with the late rapper and that they have a daughter together. 

On X (formerly Twitter), a netizen shared her thoughts on Abegail’s revelation which the latter said she chose to keep silent about for the last 15 years.

‘What we had is real’: Abegail Rait says daughter’s father is Francis M

“I find it weird watching the video of Pinoy Pawnstar where a homewrecker revealed his affair with Francis M., saying, ‘15 years akong nanamihik.’ Of course, you will. You’re a mistress. Duh.” 

The netizen added in a separate post: “And people looking at this woman with sympathy and romanticizing their affair, but all I thought about in that moment was the housewife who fought beside her cheating husband during those years of battling with cancer, all the while trying to hold her family together.”

Abegail, a former flight attendant, said she went to Pinoy Pawn Stars managed by businessman and rapper Boss Toyo to have her memorabilia of Francis M — his blue jersey and a note with dedication and signature be “well preserved”. 

Abegail initially priced the item at P700,000 but they eventually settled at P500,000 after some bargaining.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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