Rob Gomez apologizes for lying about being single, asks for a second chance


Actor Rob Gomez took to social media to express his remorse after admitting he was single despite being in a relationship with the mother of his child at the time.

It can be recalled that the actor made an admission that he was single during GMA’s Fast Talk With Boy Abunda, following Shaila’s revelation about their relationship and daughter, Amelia.

Rob posted his statement on his Instagram account along with photos and clips of him and former beauty queen Shaila Rebortera together with their daughter.

“I now understand why distance is the hardest thing to give family. This is why, my princess, my queen, my sunshine and my world. My choice everyday, in this lifetime and the next. You are not an option for me to lose,” he wrote in the caption.

“I can’t wait to have you both back in my arms. I’m sorry I said yes to being single when I’m not. I promise to keep my promises to you this time. I love you and Amelia more than anything in the world!” he added.

The ex-couple made headlines after Shaila deleted her posts containing worrying photos of a bruised arm.

Former beauty queen Shaila Rebortera deletes posts alluding to alleged ‘physical abuse’ from Rob Gomez

Shaila later released a statement about staying silent after allegedly suffering a “year-long” abuse from the actor, noting that other women had also come out to her about being allegedly abused and cheated on by Rob.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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