Ex-beauty queen Shaila Rebortera alleges abusive relationship with Rob Gomez


Former beauty queen Shaila Rebortera said that she allegedly suffered over a year-long abuse from her ex-partner Rob Gomez. 

On Sunday, August 13, Shaila addressed the issue on her social media pages with images of her statements with the caption, “No more suffering in silence.”

“After over a year of being silent about the abuse, I’m happy I was able to speak my truth,” the ex-beauty queen started.

“Just hours after the photos of the bruises were uploaded, his mother asked for me to say sorry in exchange for being able to stay with them. I decided to leave,” the statement read.

Shaila shared that after revealing the abuse, more girls came to reach out to her to tell their own stories of allegedly being abused and cheated on by Rob.

“Since that day, so many girls have reached out to tell me either about the same physical, verbal and emotional abuse they have experienced from him or about the cheating incidents that happened all the while he was keeping our relationship and our baby ‘private’ for his career,” Shaila said.

She expressed her gratitude to the people who provided her help and support.

“Nonetheless, I am grateful to everyone who has shown me support and has helped me get back on my feet. To those who messaged me to let me know I’m not alone, thank you.”

“I know I should have spoken sooner, but the next best time is now,” she wrote at the end of her message.

Shaila made headlines in the past after deleting her posts showing a bruised arm alluding to alleged physical abuse from the Kapuso actor. Prior to the deleted posts, she made a revelation of her child with Rob, Amelia.

Rob’s mother, veteran actress Kate Gomez, aired her side of the story where she said that the root of the couple’s problem was that Shaila wanted Rob to post their family picture on his own social media account.

She also firmly denied the allegations that Rob hid his girlfriend and child from the public saying that Rob wants to separate his career from his personal life.

As of writing, Rob has yet to react or release a statement regarding the issue.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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