‘Ladyrider’ Viy Cortez surprises husband Cong TV with motorcycling skills 


Social media star Viy Cortez took her husband Cong TV by surprise with her motorcycling skills. 

In a recent vlog posted on Viy’s official YouTube channel titled “LADYRIDER”, the vlogger shared her journey of learning how to ride and maneuver a motorcycle as a surprise for Cong. 

On her first day, Viy traveled to Clark International Speedway where she was mentored by Philippine Superbiker Champion and Watanabe Riding Development (WRD) head coach Dashi Watanabe to familiarize the ropes of riding a motorbike. 

Team Payaman members and experienced motorists Michael Magnata, also known as Mentos, and Adam Navea were also present to assist and cheer on Viy.

The lessons seemed to be a breeze for Viy as she cruised smoothly on the motorway. She expressed her delight in trying out a new experience.

“Hoy ang saya sobra. Nakakaexcite sobra buti na-experience ko,” said Viy. 

“This is my place. This is the kind of place I want. This is where I belong. Cheesy man pero…I feel complete,” the vlogger said on her first day in training.

Viy also shared a footage of her buying motor gear for the occasion including a tracksuit, balaclava, helmet, gloves, boots, and her very own big bike.

On Day 2, Viy got to use her newly bought equipment on the road and rode on her brand-new lime green big bike, a Kawasaki Ninja 400 model. Despite the rain, Viy went on to continue her lessons and experienced a small mishap after her bike fell on the road. 

Two days later, Viy pretended to be tutored by Cong using a smaller motorcycle. To go with her prank, Viy faked her beginner skills and went on with her husband’s motorcycling lesson. It was a success as it seemed that Cong did not have a clue about what was coming for him. 

“Masasabi mo [ba] na I’m a ladyrider now?”, Viy asked her stressed husband. 

Cong dejectedly shook his head and said, “Wala pa, kahit start ako yung gumawa. Takot ka sa tunog ng motor.“

Little did Cong know, that Viy and their friends had been planning the execution of the prank behind him which was shown with screenshots of her conversation with Cong’s brother Junnie Boy and videographer Ephraim Abarca.

Viy finally got to pull off her prank on “Track Day” at Clark International Speedway where Cong and his friends went for a ride on the motorway. 

The plan was for Viy to fake her attendance at a meeting somewhere while their friends and local motorcycling groups TP Moto Club and Y Kulba organized a made-up anniversary event for WRD.

Cong’s reaction was priceless after seeing that the mysterious rider who rode alongside him was actually Viy.

“Ikaw pala yun! Ang galing mo talaga. Idol kita!”, Cong had a huge smile as he praised his wife.

He even asked their friends seemingly in disbelief, “Siya nag-drive niyan? Motor mo ‘yan?”

Cong definitely got pranked big time by Viy’s dedication to supporting his hobby of motorcycling.

“Hindi ako magsasawang sabayan ka sa mga trip mo! @CongTV,” Viy wrote in her Instagram post.

As of writing, the vlog has gained over 1 million views in the past 17 hours and is currently at #1 in the list of Philippines’ most trending videos on YouTube

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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