Andrea Brillantes’ past admission of inability to smell resurfaces after revelation about ex-BF Ricci Rivero’s ‘laundry problem’


An old video of Andrea Brillantes admitting to completely having no sense of smell has resurfaced. This was after the actress exposed her ex-boyfriend Ricci Rivero for not washing his laundry for a year. 

Back in 2022, the Kapamilya star told broadcaster Karen Davila in an exclusive interview about her struggles with having a rare condition called congenital anosmia, which means she was born with no sense of smell.

“Ipinanganak akong walang sense of smell,” Andrea said in Karen’s vlog which was posted on the latter’s YouTube channel. 

“Wala po akong pang-amoy at all. Wala po talaga. As in pwede po akong ututan sa mukha,” she described her condition humorously.

“Doon ko actually nalaman. Kasi inututan ako ni daddy dati [tapos] silang lahat hinihintay ‘yung reaction ko, tapos sabi ko, ‘Ano?’,” Andrea narrated how she discovered it. 

“Doon ko na-realize, ‘Hala, may mali ba sa akin?,” she pondered.

It was said that there is no known cause or cure for her condition and that it is a lifetime condition.

Andrea shared that she can only smell one scent: rubbing alcohol. She noted that it gives her the sensation of a smell, but only in high concentrations.

Netizens are bringing back the year-old vlog again after the actress made a buzz on social media for hinting at a certain basketball player’s ‘laundry problem’.

Andrea recently joined It’s Showtime mainstay Vice Ganda in his latest vlog that delved into her recent breakup with basketball player Ricci Rivero.

In Vice’s vlog, Andrea shared a piece of advice for people who are having a hard time moving on from breakups.

“Gusto ko lang sabihin minsan kung hirap ka mag-move on, kailangan mong isipin ‘yung mga bagay na ‘talaga ba iiyakan ko ‘yung lalaking hindi nagpapa-laundry ng isang taon?” the actress said, seemingly speaking from her own experience.

Online users have been speculating how Andrea managed to stay in a relationship with Ricci despite having a major turn-off that involved his hygiene.

“Kaya pala natiis ni Andrea yung baho ni Ricci kasi meron pala siyang anosmia (condition na hindi siya nakakaamoy),” a netizen tweeted.

“omg i remember meron nga sya non. it now makes sense hahahaha,” an online user connected the dots.

“Kahit pa marami syang damit & no need magpa laundry just imagine his soiled clothes marinating for a year ? & diba basketball player sya? imagine the gym locker smell ?,” said another. 

For an athlete like him, netizens can only imagine the smell that Andrea’s rare condition has protected her from.

Ricci has yet to give any reaction or statement regarding his ex-girlfriend’s claims about him.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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