Francine Diaz breaks silence on relationship drama involving Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes


“Wala akong inahas, wala akong nilandi, wala akong inagaw.”

This was Kapamilya actress Francine Diaz’s firm response to ongoing backlash about her involvement in reel partner Seth Fedelin and Senior High star Andrea Brillantes’ past relationship.

On her recent live, Francine finally addressed rumors that accused her of allegedly “stealing” Seth from Andrea saying that it was about time to speak up for herself and her family. Snippets of the actress’s live session have now gone viral.

Francine insisted that the problems between Seth, and Andrea are their own, and she is not a part of it.

“‘Yung problema ni Blythe at ni Seth nun, sa kanila ‘yun, labas ako doon. At kung ano mang problema nila ngayon labas ako doon,” Diaz said.

“Wala akong inahas, wala akong nilandi, wala akong inagaw,” she affirmed.

“Malinaw? Screen record niyo, pwede niyong balikan. Playback niyo. Kasi wala talaga akong inagaw,” she added.

The “stealing issue” started after a photo showing Seth with Francine and her family went viral igniting speculations of a love triangle and a feud between the two actresses.

At the time, Seth and Andrea were also speculated to be in a real-life relationship, aside from being a romantic on-screen pair, popularly known as SethDrea. It was in April 2022 that Andrea revealed that they had been in a relationship for more than two years but that they had already broken up in October 2021.

Despite receiving backlash from Andrea’s fans and netizens, Seth and Francine kept mum about the accusations that began two years ago, until today.

She clarified that Seth visited her house to apologize, and Andrea was supposed to be with him but did not show up.

“Pumunta si Seth do’n para humingi ng tawad. He invited Blythe pero hindi siya sumama. And then the next thing I know ako na ‘yung pinagpepyestahan sa social media,” Francine recalled.

She added, “Alam nya na hihingi ng sorry si Seth and yet ganun ‘yung ginawa niya. Wala kayong narinig sa’kin at all.”

Francine explained her silence amidst the issue, saying she didn’t want to fuel the controversies but then realized that keeping mum only worsened it.

“Nanahimik ako not because tama lahat ng sinasabi niyo sa’kin, nila. Nanahimik ako kasi mas magiging maayos kung tatahimik ako at kung wala kayng maririnig. Ayoko nang dumagdag pa sa gulong nangyayari non. Pero kasi narealize na the more na nanahimik ako, the more parang mas lalo lang lumalala ‘yung nangyayari,” she said.

She also addressed comments calling out her silence, “I think it’s time na rin for me to speak up and I know na ang daming nagsasabi sa inyo na duwag ako, gusto ko lang matawag na unbothered queen, no.”

Francine reiterated, “Hindi ako nanahimik kasi gusto ko matawag no’n. Nanahimik ako kasi ayokong dumagdag pa sa mga gulo na nangyayari noon, hanggang ngayon.”

“Ang tagal kong nanahimik alam niyo ‘yan hindi ako magpagpatol, at hindi naman ako papatol because lahat ng sinasabi niyo ay hindi totoo,” she added.

During the same live session, Francine also addressed an infamous rumor about Andrea confronting her inside a dressing room, clarifying that there was no truth to the said incident.

“‘Di nya ko sinugod sa dressing room but tinawagan nya ko and she was mad, she was aggressive,” the actress shared.

Francine expressed her wish to not bring up the issue anymore and hoped that the public could move on from it in 2024.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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