Andrea Brillantes shares ‘Gen Z tip’ on how to move on faster after a breakup 


“Talaga ba iiyakan ko ‘yung lalaking hindi nagpapa-laundry ng isang taon!?”

This was Andrea Brillantes’ example of a person she deemed perfect for applying her tip on getting over a failed relationship.

In “Meme” Vice Ganda’s latest vlog, the two had a casual chat as “Gen Z” and “Feeling Gen Z” where they touched on Andrea’s recent breakup with basketball player Ricci Rivero.

The Kapamilya actress had something to advise people who are having a hard time moving on from breakups.

“Gusto ko lang sabihin minsan kung hirap ka mag-move on, kailangan mong isipin ‘yung mga bagay na ‘talaga ba iiyakan ko ‘yung lalaking hindi nagpapa-laundry ng isang taon?” Andrea said, seemingly speaking from her own experience.

“Kailangan isipin mo ‘yung mga bagay na nakaka-turn off,” Vice supported her beshie’s point.

 Andrea stressed that thinking about exes in an unlikeable way helps in getting over them. 

“Lalo na ‘pag ‘di ka na in love, ‘pag naka move on ka na talaga after a few years ‘pag binalikan mo, mare-realize mo ‘yung mga nakaka-turn off sa kanya, ang dami. Sasabihin mo, ‘paano ko pinayagan ‘yung sarili kong lokohin ako nito ‘e ang pangit nito?,” Vice explained further.

“Mare-realize mo na hindi pala siya ganoon ka-special. ‘Yung pagmamahal mo ‘yung nagpa-special sa tao,” Andrea lamented.

“You were blinded by love kaya you thought that person was extra special but when you fall out of love, marerealize mo, not-so, beshie” the comedian added to Andrea’s sentiment. 

“Di natin deserve ang mga ‘not-so’,” Vice remarked before raising her glass to make a toast with her Gen Z beshie.

“We deserve the best,” the two exchanged words of affirmation to each other, ending the vlog on a good note.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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