Andrea Brillantes allegedly confessed to Kathryn Bernardo about having an affair with Daniel Padilla – report


Anonymous sources have reportedly claimed that Kathryn Bernardo supposedly discovered ex-boyfriend Daniel Padilla’s affair with Andrea Brillantes, leading to their split after 11 years of being together.

Entertainment news outlet PEP shared an update on the controversies surrounding the breakup of the well-known love team gathered from their unnamed sources, two of which were allegedly close with Kathryn and Daniel.

According to the PEP’s unnamed sources, Andrea personally reached out to Kathryn to discuss something, which turned out to be her confession of her private meetings with Daniel.

The younger actress was supposedly “intoxicated” when she headed to her meetup with Kathryn.

When the two met, Andrea reportedly revealed the details of her encounter with Daniel, as well as the text messages exchanged between them.

Among the said conversations, Daniel’s demand to Andrea which read, “Ayusin mo ‘yan”, was included.

According to the explanation from PEP’s unnamed source, this was Daniel’s response when Andrea complained that someone else knew about their relationship, just a few days after they were supposedly together at the actor’s house.

The two met at Daniel’s house in November 2021, coinciding with the birthday celebration of the actor’s mother, Karla Estrada.

The adjacent properties belong to the mother and son, but their houses are separate, and Karla allegedly did not know about the meeting between Daniel and Andrea.

During that time, Kathryn was 25, Daniel was 26, and Andrea was 18.

The mentioned person who knew about their affair was Andrea’s ex-boyfriend, Seth Fedelin.

The Pep source also stated that when Daniel and Andrea started their relationship in November 2021, Andrea and Seth were in a “cool-off” period due to relationship issues.

This cool-off period reportedly escalated into a breakup when Seth allegedly discovered the exchange of text messages between Andrea and Daniel.

The source further claimed that Seth had a “receipt” of this exchange, making him skeptical of any explanations regarding the affair.

PEP reported that the claims were verified by four anonymous sources, who all had similar knowledge about the triad.

Due to Kathryn’s discovery, the actress ended up with a decision to end her 11-year-long relationship with Daniel.

Learning that Daniel had been unfaithful was said to be incredibly painful for Kathryn. Daniel was Kathryn’s first boyfriend, and not only were they a couple for 11 years, but they also formed a love team for 12 years.

According to another source, it wasn’t an easy decision for the actress.

“Mahal pa rin ni Kath si DJ, e, pero ayaw na niya,” the anonymous source said.

Kathryn reportedly reached a point where she have had enough, according to another source.

The ex-couple officially confirmed their split on their respective Instagram accounts last November.

While Kathryn refused to address any further questions regarding their breakup, fans and non-fans couldn’t help but speculate about the reason for their split, leading to many theories and allegations of a third party involved.

Kathryn, Daniel, and Andrea have not yet addressed the claims as of writing.

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