Bea Borres addresses netizens questioning her silence on BFF Andrea Brillantes’ alleged role in KathNiel breakup


Bea Borres recently answered a netizen’s question about her silence on allegations linking her celebrity best friend, Andrea Brillantes, to the controversial split of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

Borres took to social media to address the issue by replying to an online user with a video uploaded on her TikTok page.

The question read, “Huy mare ba’t an[g] tahimik mo ngayon?”

To which Bea can be heard replying, seemingly frustrated, “Mag-asaran tayo dito. Wala kayong makukuha sa ‘kin.”

She also mentioned that back when she used to speak up on issues, she was told to be silent and accused of meddling. Now that she is keeping quiet, she claims that people still have things to say about her.

“Noong ako salita nang salita, gusto niyong manahimik ako. Sasabihan niyo akong sawsawera,” Bea complained in the video, “Tapos ngayong nananahimik ako, kung anu-ano pa ring sinasabi niyo.”

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It can be recalled that Bea was embroiled in a heated exchange with Andrea’s ex-boyfriend, Ricci Rivero, on social media as she made a cryptic post amidst the basketball player’s new relationship.

Bea’s response video was posted a day after Kathryn and Daniel officially confirmed their breakup after being together for 11 years.

Following the news, which caused an uproar among fans and non-fans, recent speculations grew on Andrea’s involvement with the longtime couple’s split.

The social media activity of the three also sparked intrigue as Kathyrn, along with some of her celebrity friends, reportedly unfollowed the Senior High actress on Instagram.

Meanwhile, netizens were seemingly unconvinced with Bea’s “playing safe” reaction as it only added to the curiosity of the public.

“Sagutan palang ni bea confirmed na eh HAHWHSHAHAHAHAHAHAH,” a user commented.

“Play safe 🤪”, wrote another.


“Kahit ako tatahimik pag mali kaibigan ko eh HAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHA,” another quipped.

Andrea has not yet addressed or denied the allegations.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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