Andi Eigenmann ticks off this special moment from her surfing bucket list


Andi Eigenmann is proof you can juggle mommy and surfer duties!

The happy mom took to social media to share that she has ticked off a very special moment in her surfing bucket list while she was training with her champion surfer fiancé Philmar Alipayo. 

“Already ticked some things off of my surfing bucket list in the last 3 mos that I have been surf training, hehe, but this has got to be the most special one – riding party waves with Lilo and papa!” she wrote. 

Andi shared the snaps from her fun surf day with her husband-to-be and their second child riding the waves. 

It was just in May when the 32-year-old revealed that she is learning how to surf under her fiancé’s tutelage. 

“Somehow I feel like learning something new at this point, brings new meaning and a whole new energy and excitement for life,” she gushed on a social media post. 

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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