Andi Eigenmann is living out her childhood dream of becoming a surfer


Andi Eigenmann was more than happy to share that she’s finally living out her 11-year-old self’s dream of being a surfer girl. 

The celebrity mom admitted she almost let go of her childhood dream but pursued it still because it made her fell joy. 

“Getting into it in my late 20s, I thought for a bit that maybe since having 2 more kids its good enough for me to have been able to try, and that now is the time to stop,” she opened up. 

Andi shared that at 32 years old, pursuing surfing has been a more meaningful experience for her. 

“It’s never really too late to learn new things or hone a skill, and even more so to achieve a childhood dream. 

“It’s a simple thing but it’s so fulfilling. Somehow, I feel like learning something new at this point brings new meaning and a whole new energy and excitement for life!” she wrote. 

She ended her lengthy social media post on an optimistic note, expressing how she can’t wait to surf more with her family in the years to come. 

In the snaps she shared, Andi was riding the waves in Siargao all on her own. 

Back in September, Andi’s fiancé, champion surfer Philmar Alipayo said he is determined to teach and improve his wife-to-be’s surfing skills. 

“Always been wanting to bring her a surf like this! Took her (for a) lil surf today and give all I can do to make her improve errrday like always,” he wrote on a past social media post. 

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