Chesca and Doug Kramer are building another dream home 


Celebrity couple Chesca and Doug Kramer are set to build another dream home, but this time, it’s a “buy and sell” passion project. 

The two took to social media to share the snaps from the massive lot where they will build the property. 

“Ever since our home tour video, so much have said that our home is a dream home for many. So today, we took the first step into building a dream home that our family would love but with the intention of building it for another family (investor) in the near future,” they wrote on a shared Instagram post. 

Chesca and Doug were referring to their family’s house tour video from two years ago. The hit Youtube video, featuring their first-ever house collected over 8.2 million views. 

The Kramers’ home is known for its massive size and design custom built for the family of five. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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