Chesca Kramer marks daughter Kendra’s first day of school  


Chesca Kramer is one proud mom as she marks her eldest daughter Kendra’s first day back in school.  

The celebrity vlogger shared that her 13-year-old is prepped with four years of homeschooling to take on this new adventure.  

“Happy 1st day back in school our baby, Kenny! After 4 years of homeschooling you’re more ready that ever. You’ve created good habits, established a study system and you’ve got your convictions set on stone,” she wrote.  

Chesca admitted her daughter’s presence in their own home classroom will be different but she’s excited for the new journey.  

“There is so much to look forward to and we will always be here to support you in this new journey. It’s gonna be fun,” she ended.  

Meanwhile, proud dad Doug Kramer echoed that he and his wife Chesca felt they are ready to bring their daughter in “regular school”.  

“She’s now at middle school, 13 yrs old. A new surrounding. I’m sure she’ll flourish and show everyone how different and amazing she is,” he wrote.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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